Rolling windows down: We recommend that you do not roll your windows down for 48 hours after they are tinted. This allows the film time to adhere to the glass so it will not peel when rolled down.

Drying time: Windows may be cloudy or hazy for the first few days, and you may see small pools of water forming in the film. This is normal. As the film dries, the remaining water will evaporate. The amount of time before your new tint will be totally dry is determined by the amount of sunlight it gets. If it's hot and sunny, the film dries very quickly; if it's cloudy and overcast, it will take longer.

Cleaning: After your windows are tinted, you need to wait a couple of days to clean them to avoid pulling the tint loose, before it has a chance to dry. Use only soft paper towels or micro-fiber with any non-ammonia, non-abrasive glass cleaner.